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Earnings growth of the pharmaceutical industry to stabilize or into investment preferred

Date:2020-05-07 17:24:14


In other countries, the health care industry is often known as the "eternal sunrise industry". In the area of investment, from a historical perspective, the healthcare industry, there have been a lot of good performance of listed companies, investors favored investment targets with clear performance increase defense ability to become. 
It is reported that the Equity Fund, Bo, when the health care industry will be formally issued on July 23. The fund will mainly invest in the quality of listed companies in the health care industry, the performance benchmark SWS medical industry index * 95% + bond index yield * 5%. At present, China's health care reform continues to deepen, people have distressed "expensive" and "difficult" start to the insufficient supply of "transformation. With the increasing of population aging on the demand for drugs, and the gradual expansion of the health insurance coverage, medical resources, supply bottlenecks problems to be solved. 
Medical devices released by the Ministry of Science and Technology Industry "12th Five-Year" special plan "clearly pointed out in the beginning of this year, product development and industrialization of advanced medical equipment, medical materials, biomedical engineering has been included in the focus of the development of China's emerging strategic industries . " This for long imported medical equipment to suppress domestic producers, will usher in more opportunities. 
Similarly the medical industry to support the policies and conditions in the second half of the year, or will be launched in order to cope with the "steady growth" policy goals, the move is expected to release domestic repression for many years in the medical field investment enthusiasm, for the people with Boshi Fund believes that go to the immediate benefits, but also bring more investment opportunities for investors optimistic about the health care industry. Fund aspiring fund manager Bo, when the health care industry, Li Quan wins more than 10 years of industry research and investment experience, a strong understanding of the healthcare industry. 
Li Quan-sheng, market performance this year, a full structural features of the past six months, outperforming the broader market is strong cycle of plate, and there are a number of recent structural adjustments, poor early performance in some industries, such as pharmaceutical, IT, retail and other industries may have a chance next. 
Recent macroeconomic data in the doldrums again brought a decline in the confidence of the market, compared with other industries, the pharmaceutical industry is relatively stable earnings growth. Under the weak market, the pharmaceutical industry as a defensive industry, may appear better. Comprehensive consideration to the Chinese healthcare industry, the stock market adjustment process in the past 2 years, the valuation bubble has basic digestion, the current valuation is below the average of the past decade, the health care industry, or will be preferred investors 2012 health investment one of the industries.

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