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Medical device companies rely on innovation to achieve from the "small devices" towards "medical"

Date:2020-05-07 17:25:20


The medical device industry in recent years, the average annual output value and the market growth rate in more than 20%, much higher than the average growth rate for the same period in the national economy, but only a 3% share of the medical equipment market in the world. Future industrial growth space is huge, technological innovation has become the largest direction of China's medical equipment industry, but also to build the value chain of high-end embodies. 
Moment every industry innovation in the tech sector is highly active, by leaps and bounds, from materials, manufacturing, electronics, information, networks, and other advanced technology innovation is increasingly accelerated, innovative products continue to emerge. Medical device companies still have a long gorgeous transition road to the "medical" from "small devices" to accelerate the pace of innovation, continue to put efforts in need of medical device companies. 
Innovation is the theme of the development of the medical device industry 
China's medical equipment sector innovation capability is relatively weak, the imperfect innovation chain innovation strategy system does not build the whole industry supporting backward the research doctors combination does not close the technological monopoly of multinational corporations and local enterprises homogeneity of intensified competition, the clinical use a variety of factors, resulting in medical devices in China's overall level of developed countries there is a wide gap between the specific performance: 
1, about 14,000 existing medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, although many companies, but about 80% of small-scale enterprises with annual sales of only a few hundred million, the same situation is more scattered, although varietiesrange, but the majority of the added value is low, at the low end of the medical device market, clearly showing the "low" phenomenon, namely: low technical content and low price. For example: a one-time infusion, medical tubing, sanitary materials, general surgery instruments. The low-end market competition has become a Red Sea, its profit margins are narrowing. 
In addition to the policy factors, environmental factors, factors of supporting industries, intellectual property protection, and other factors, the majority of medical device companies, technology innovation inadequate investment, business is not high enough, innovation is weak, the innovative resources system not concentrate Heli, lack of technological innovation strategy planning and innovative strategies method: the products are more concentrated in the category of low value-added, technology-based high-end products is still mainly rely on imports. 
3 multinational medical device companies to capture the market of high-end field, have obvious advantages, invest and build factories in China's rapid expansion, and is gradually sinking to the low-end market, attempting comprehensive coverage of high, medium and low-end field such as: Philips orientation in the low-end, high-end, Siemens is the main orientation, includes almost all kinds of conventional medical devices. This compares with our local medical device companies are still weak. 
4, has the core technology will control the market mastership, such as: GE, Siemens Enterprise has a large number of independent intellectual property rights, and international standards, rules and technical platform. Domestic high-end products still imitation, improved main key parts are still dependent on imports, the number of producers are numerous, but the overall research, scale, brand competitiveness is relatively weak, especially the lack of core technology. 
5, the hospital distribution channels is a lack of transparency, high degree of market enterprises to focus more on the establish hospitals relations, rather than to improve the product quality and performance, which affected the healthy development of the enterprise itself and the industry as a whole. 
6, technical standards and standards for medical devices innovation, product innovation a core scale. Although China is a member of the International Medical Equipment Organization for Standardization, but in the lack of status and say in the formulation of international medical equipment technical standards. 
7, World Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the set 6 Medical Equipment Standardization Technical Committee Chairman and the Secretary-General served by medical academics, research institutes and scholars of the United States or European countries, and the manufacturer's engineering and technical personnel. Obviously, you want to participate in international competition, so that more medical equipment to the world, we must start from the innovation. 
8, today, most of the artificial joints used in hospitals in China are Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer and Smith & Nephew foreign company's products, expensive, imported products are designed in accordance with the characteristics of European and American race bones, clinical applications does not match with the people bones and other issues. 
9, in the diabetes medical device market, currently six major manufacturers occupy - Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Bayer, Abbott, American BD Company diabetes medical device market they occupy nearly 90% market share. Our local medical device companies need to continue to put efforts in this area. 
10 CT machine market monopolized by a handful of multinational companies, the CT machine customers can choose there is little room for bargaining power is low, high procurement cost of the CT parts, the total cost is therefore difficult to reduce drastically, even low The end product, its price is also more than $ 200,000. This case to a certain extent affect the universal application of CT machine in grassroots medical institutions in China. 
11, medical devices and equipment in multiple areas, multinationals brand occupies.More than 80% of the buyers in the purchase of medical equipment preferred multinationals products, and Universal, Philips, Siemens has won the leading position in most market segments, and supplies in the area, orthopedics, drug-eluting stents, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, and the history of Prosecco is in the leading position. 
Medical device companies' technological innovation, harness the future " 
China's medical device industry to upgrade is advancing from traditional manufacturing to high-tech development is the inevitable trend. Without technological innovation, there will be no upgrading of the industry will decline, companies eventually eliminated by the market, especially in the field of electronic medical devices, to the technical updating strive product market advantage has become the consensus. 
Market demand in escalating modern medicine to speed up to the early detection, accurate quantitative diagnosis, minimally invasive treatment, individualized treatment, intelligent, lightweight, multi-functional, home, remote services direction, new demand for medical The instrument technology innovation put forward new requirements for new challenges. Direction oriented grassroots, family and personal health state recognition and regulation, disease early warning, health management, rehabilitation care is becoming a new hotspot, a new proposition further technology innovation and development in the field of medical devices. 
Technological innovation must grasp the core competitive advantage, and achievements in their own barriers to medical devices to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, can not always do the world stage "mimicry". Only technological innovation in order to change the status of China's traditional big manufacturing country. 
Today: the high number of domestic self-developed, refined products, digital medical equipment and patented technology has been gradually expand domestic and foreign markets; such as: neural engineering medical equipment, medical MEMS and micro-robot systems, computer navigation and precision robotic surgery system, microwave tumor ablation and high-power local hyperthermia equipment, magnetic hyperthermia equipment, and so on. 
Increase R & D investment is becoming the development trend of medical device companies. The diving medical Dunlop Medical, Andon Health increased dramatically in recent years, investment in research and development to create a research center, and at the same time to establish a close cooperative relationship with universities and research institutions, and efforts to enhance the independent technology innovation. 
Mindray Medical in recent years, the domestic high-end monitor market share of nearly 50 percent, and classification of blood cell analyzer, fully automated instrument and color Doppler core part of the product of independent innovation technology has reached world advanced level. 
The Weigao vascular stents, orthopedic devices, sales of high-value-added products accounted for has risen to nearly 45%, to become a major growth point of the performance of the company. 
The diving medical through technological innovation, and gain an advantage in the quality level achieved a leading market share position. In technology continue to catch up with international competitors, independent research and development of electronic sphygmomanometer, X-ray machines, general diagnostic systems equipment, wheelchairs and other products in the domestic market situation has been gradually formed to compete with foreign brands. 
Hearty medical, the first successful two core technology breakthrough in a 1.5T superconducting magnets, and magnetic resonance system, access to more than 20 national invention patents and utility model patents. Successfully developed a superconducting magnet, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, RF systems, gradient systems, as well as pulse sequences and software. Hearty medical will continue to increase investment, focus on research and development of multi-slice spiral CT, flat panel DR, all-digital color Doppler ultrasound, 3T Magnetic Resonance PET / CT full line of high-end medical equipment. 
From the medical devices industry in the international arena of view, whether large medical diagnostic imaging equipment, precision small surgical instruments, permeates the results of modern high-tech medical equipment industry has become an internationally recognized high-tech-intensive industries. In the era of knowledge economy, who has the more innovative, and who have a more independent intellectual property rights, who will be able to grasp the hegemony of the market competition. Technological innovation, accelerate breakthroughs in cutting-edge products, competitive high ground to seize the future of the technology industry, and promote the development of the industry to scale, efficiency, brand. For medical device companies: technological innovation, winning today, control the future. "

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